Here are some random photos of travels, goings on, and cats:

Amanda, my wife!:

Return to the Sandbar 2023:

Kikko staying warm 2022:

DC for APPAM 2022:

Kikko is just gorgeous 2022:

Maui 2022:

Greece 2021:

Munich 2021:

Go bucks:

Biggest bonfire I’ve ever seen 2021:

Mammouth Cave 2021:

Cape Cod 2021:

Kikko 2020:

Nailed it Vermont 2020:

Me fishing from the campsite 2020:

My Dad and I rode from Rhode Island to Acadia National Park 2020:

Winter Night hike 2019:

I love to go clamming 2019:

Fly fishing in The Blue Mountains 2019:

Denver Art Museum (2019):

Baby kikko 2019:

Maine 2018:

RI striper:

Riding Uncle Ben’s ATV around:

Mauna Kea Summit:

Big island 2018:

Amanda photographs some lava going into the ocean on the big island 2018:

Shanghai 2018:

My clam rake!

Brother Miles and I hiking in RI:

In Cuba 2017:

Getting towed in the lake:

Oahu 2017:

Amanda and I:

My friend Chris and I tried to bike from Columbus to Cincinatti in 2016: